Pizza delivery boy sees victim ask for help and he calls the police

A Wisconsin woman was saved when a Dominos driver called the police after he noticed the woman mouthed the words "help me" as he delivered a pizza to her home. Police said that 55-year-old Dean Hoffmann showed up uninvited to his ex-girlfriend's house and started brutally assaulting her. 

He ripped off her clothing, punched her in the face, and tied her up with a cord. He told her that he “should have brought his gun in from the car" and threatened to kill her and take his own life. 

At some point during the assault, Hoffmann ordered pizza from Dominos. When the delivery man came to the door, he could see the injured woman behind Hoffmann. She mouthed "help me" and "call the police" while Hoffmann had his back turned to pay for his food. 

When officers arrived at the home, he refused to let police inside. Eventually, he relented and was taken into custody. He is facing multiple charges, including burglary of a building, false imprisonment, felony intimidation of a victim, kidnapping and strangulation and suffocation.

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