From "Havana" to "Consequences"

Following her huge hit "Havana," Camila Cabello has shared a brand new orchestral version of her song “Consequences.” The track is set to serve as the 21-year-old singer’s finale single off her debut album Camila, which she performed at the American Music Awards last night.

“A lot of people say ballads like this are ‘risky’ and with every single I’ve picked I get looks like I have three heads, because people always want you to go with a song that sounds like something that’s already on the radio,” Camila said.

“It would be playing it safe for me to make a song that sounds like ‘Havana’ or another uptempo song, but to me, my goal is to challenge myself by not doing what feels predictable or obvious, to do things that excite me, and give you the most honest representation of who I am through music,” Camila added. “I know sometimes it’ll work and other times it’ll fail, but that’s okay with me.”

Beautiful song. 

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