Now we know what happened to Roseanne

So Roseanne dies after an opioid overdose. I should have known.

The storyline had taken us in that direction at the end of the last few episodes. And it does mirror something going on in our country at the same time.

Dan Connor needs someone to blame so he cusses and blames the woman who gave the pills to Roseanne, but as we learn Roseanne had stockpiled pills all over the house, including the icebox, so Dan needs to come to terms that the only person he can actually blame is his wife.

I must say I thought the episode beautifully carried us from grief to guffaws and did a nice job of not wallowing in the sadness. This cast as I suspected was well qualified to carry a well written episode.

Here is what Roseanne tweeted 90 minutes after the show aired:

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