We have so much to be thankful for! Thankful Thursday lets us share the success stories of individuals and families who have been helped by the United Way funded programs. These stories are a testament to the difference that our community can make when we come together to create lasting change. To help create more Thanksful Thursdays Text UWCE to 56512. Thank you!


  • When Brandon and Kristen Creech had their second child, Caroline, she failed her newborn hearing test. Further testing revealed she had profound, bilateral senori-neural hearing loss and leaving her parents devastated over such difficult news about their newborn.
  • Caroline went on to receive cochlear implants which enables her to hear, but she had to start to learn in a brand new way.
  • Caroline was accepted into the auditory-oral education Sound Start program at Savannah Speech and Hearing Center. The organization is one of 16 local programs that receives funding from United Way of the Coastal Empire’s Community Fund towards improving the quality of life of those with disabilities. This program saves Caroline’s family and the local community special education expenses of $500,000 during her K-12 public school years, and over $1 million in her lifetime.
  • Caroline entered the program at 20 months old with only 38 words and now at the age of 3, her speech ranks up with 6-year-olds, thanks to the Sound Start program and United Way’s funding. Caroline will be able to move into a regular mainstream classroom within the next three years like a normal hearing child.
  • Brandon and Kristen’s third child has also been diagnosed with bilateral senori-neural hearing loss and has received her new cochlear implants this year. Despite the challenges the Creeches have faced, they are confident that their youngest daughter Katherine will also be a success story knowing that the Sound Start program and United Way will be there for her future.
  • You can help more children like Caroline and Katherine through United Way, by texting UWCE to 56512.


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