5-month old could become youngest person to visit all 50 states!

 _ A 5-month-old baby is set to become the youngest member of the All Fifty States Club. Harper Yeats has been traveling with mother Cindy Lim and father Tristan Yeats, who have been documenting their ambitious tour of the United States on Instagram over the last four months. Cindy and Tristan, who are from Australia, have been living in Canada for the last three years and visiting the states in pockets at a time. The couple was on maternity leave after Harper was born. They started the trip by entering Maine in June and it wasn’t until they looked into an All Fifty States Club membership — and the possibility of Harper becoming the freshest face in group — that the idea caught traction.

… They’re scheduled finish up today (October 18) in Vermont, No. 50 on the list



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