Mechanic fired for taking customer's car for a 90mph joyride

It's not the plot of an '80's movie, it's real life. A woman who took her Porsche for a service checked her dashcam and discovered it was taken out for a joy ride. Jane Symonds said she brought in her sports care to Huw Lewis Tyres after it developed steering issues. When she picked up her Porsche Boxter, she noticed a quarter of a tank of gas had been used so she checked her dashcam footage. She found the car was taken out on country roads and the dashcam showed it hitting speeds of 89 miles per hour. She says she's informed police and trading standard officers. A spokesman for Huw Lewis Tyres says one of their staff members has been dismissed for misconduct and "we've passed the matter onto the police, so it's in their hands now." They also apologized for the incident. Police say they're investigating.



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