Couple finds a hidden camera in their Carnival Cruise stateroom

A Florida couple who took a five-day Carnival Cruise last year found a camera in their stateroom pointing at their bed, and are speaking out now, saying the cruise line hasn't contacted them or apologized since the October 2017 incident. Chris and Dana White were on the second day of their cruise from Alabama to Mexico when Chris found the small camera hidden in wires near the TV with its lens pointing at the bed and what looked like an antenna on its back. He told the Miami New Times, "I asked my wife, 'What is this? Is this what I think it is?' We both just went white as ghosts." A ship's security officer inspected and dismantled the camera, but the Whites believe Carnival's staff tried to downplay the situation, telling them the camera wasn't in working condition and was likely left by a recent guest. But White said the camera was covered in dust and was warm to the touch. White told Fox News, "I feel they were trying to cover it up by lying about what was found." White said they decided to come forward because of Carnival statement claiming they were doing everything they could, telling Fox News, "They did not do everything they could have done. They said they reached out to the FBI, but I was the one who reached out to the FBI. They had not even heard about the incident until I reported it." In a following statement, Carnival again said that the camera, which it called a "transmitter," was non-operational, saying, "This is certainly a unique and unusual occurrence and it is unclear who or why this transmitter was placed in the guest’s stateroom." The statement also said they conducted a full investigation and had taken steps so something similar doesn't happen again.



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