A video obtained by a St. Louis TV station (Fox-2) shows preschoolers being encouraged to beat on each other at a local daycare. The video from December 2016 shows teachers at Adventure Learning Center setting up small children to fight one another in a classroom. The video was taken by a ten-year-old in a room adjacent to where the fights were happening. He saw that his little brother crying in the room next door and captured the scene on an iPad and sent it to his mother.

… According to the TV station, the children’s mother called the director of the daycare and the fighting was stopped. Daycare cameras recorded more than 30 minutes of match-ups that had taken place between students that day, with the children punching each other’s heads into the floor as the teachers watched and seemed to cheer them on. The daycare’s director fired both teachers and called the child abuse hotline, and though the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute, authorities did increase inspections of the daycare after the incident.



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