Woman says cat detected breast cancer

An Oregon (Albany) woman says she’s alive today because her cat helped her detect a lump in her breast. Michelle Pierson and her husband Will adopted Mia from the humane society in 2017. Besides being a loving pet, Mia has provided a form of therapy for Michelle as she battles breast cancer. Mia also warned Michelle she had breast cancer: “My husband and I were lying in bed watching TV, when out of nowhere, Mia got up on my chest, sniffed my right breast and looked in my face. She sniffed the spot again and looked at my face and I tried to shove her off. She came back up and just laid down on that right breast and looked at me like, ‘I’m trying to tell you something.’” Michelle felt a lump and decided she better see a doctor. Days later, Michelle got the news.

… Medical reports show specially trained dogs have detected cancer in humans. Mia the cat has no such training.



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