SNL still grappling with Pete Davidson's comment about a vet with eyepatch

The fallout from Pete Davidson’s mockery of a Republican Congressional candidate and war veteran continues. Kenan Thompson, a friend of Davidson’s and one of his colleagues on Saturday Night Live, has become the de facto spokesperson for both Davidson and his critics.

Thompson, whose father was a war veteran himself, has said from the get-go that Davidson’s joke about Dan Crenshaw’s missing eye (the result of a war injury) “missed the mark” and went “too far.” 

Appearing on ABC’s The View Tuesday nominally to promote his new project The Grinch, he got sucked into the controversy again. 

Thompson said, good-naturedly, “I know it’s being handled internally, and it’s not really my department but since I’m out promoting The Grinch I get to answer these questions.”

“They’re figuring out a way to right that wrong, I’m pretty sure,” Thompson said. “It’s not our intention to disrespect anyone. Our whole thing is to just be artists and hold up a mirror.”

Here is the bit from this past weekend's show if you did not see it: 

SNL cast member Kenan Thompson agrees he want too far: 

Crenshaw addressed this on CNN:

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