Blind fan gets to see The Huskers play...thanks to special glasses

A 37-year-old Omaha man who has been visually impaired since childhood was finally able to take in some of his favorite sights. Jamey Dougall typically relies on the play-by-play announcers to "watch" his favorite team, college football's Nebraska Cornhuskers, play. Dougall can’t see the ball, but he can make out formations and follow movement on the field. Last year, Dougall found a story on Facebook about an Indianapolis Colts fan who wore a special pair of glasses to watch the team play. Dougall was intrigued, so he reached out to the Toronto-based company eSight and tried on the glasses. Amazingly, he was able to read an eye chart, see a laptop and read a book. His family set up a fundraiser and Dougall received his glasses this spring. The first thing he saw was his two daughters, 11-year-old Maddy and seven-year-old Lacie, and his wife Kandice scored tickets for him to watch the Huskers take the field against Minnesota.



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