Our 20th ANNUAL Christmas Wish starts Monday November 26

This year marks the 20th year for our Christmas Wish program which started when listeners were asking us for suggestions about helping people in need at Christmas.

We partner with The Children's Hospital at Memorial for ten families where a child (or parent) is undergoing cancer treatment, and due to medical bills don't have the means to to buy gifts or in many cases basic necessities...I read letters written by their nurses or social workers, and ask you to help.

Then a week before Christmas we treat them to a special private luncheon (catered by Jim'n'Nick's of Bluffton and :Pooler) at which time we surprise them with everything you've donated for them.

No family gets cash; your donations are turned into gifts and gift cards so they can experience the fun of going Christmas shopping, something they're not otherwise expecting to be able to do.

Please be listening starting Monday November 26 through Decemeber 7 to see how you can help some local families in need.

Below is one such family from 2016 that had no idea what they were going to receive....!

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