Man Suing Airline Claims Injured Back on 13-Hour Flight Next to Obese Man

A 51-year-old man is suing British Airways, claiming that he suffered back injuries when he had to sit next to an obese passenger during a 13-hour flight. Stephen Prosser estimates that the man sitting next to him during the flight from Bangkok to London was about 6-foot-4 and weighed 320 pounds. Prosser says he was crushed up against the wall of the plane by the passenger, who was in the middle seat, and has since suffered nerve damage to his back and his pelvis has been knocked out of alignment. Prosser said he asked if he or the passenger could be moved, but was told it wasn't possible because it was a full flight. He said, "I think it’s up to the staff to take control of a situation like that and they should have asked the passenger on the aisle seat to swap with the larger man in the middle." British Airways is fighting Prosser's claim, but said it wouldn't comment because the case is ongoing.



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