Watch! College students find a Danny DeVito shrine in a bathroom!

People still make shrines these days? Last week twitter user @slackerdook and other students at SUNY Purchase found a "Danny DeVito shrine hidden behind the paper towel dispenser in one of the bathrooms." A video taken shows a hole in the bathroom wall that leads into a concrete room that has graffiti on the walls and many papers on the floor, in one corner of the room there's a shrine to the actor, along with a sign that reads "Leave an offering for our lord and savior Danny DeVito, the patron saint of trash men." Photos and videos of the shrine quickly went viral, leading lots of students to try and find the shrine themselves. A spokesperson for the school tells Buzzfeed News the hole has since been sealed "for safety reasons," but that he school as invited DeVito to come meet his "super fans." A student says the school has been told the shrine was the work of a student from the School of Art and Design.



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