Are pet psychics for real? Her clients swear this one is!

 An upstate New York pet psychic, who claims to have spoken to dogs, snakes, wolves and elephants charges $100 per half hour. Customers — and even a few veterinarians — swear by Shira Plotzker. A New Jersey vet says she went from skeptic to pet-psychic evangelist after the owner of an ailing cat she was treating reported that the pet communicator recommended acupuncture — and it worked.

… Another client of Plotzker said the pet psychic pronounced, “Your new dog loves going in the pool with your son, but when your husband came home with a sprinkler he didn’t like that — he only likes the pool.” It was true, said the client.

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These guys brought in a pet psychic to see their two dogs and here's how it went:

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