Alec Baldwin admits he pushed the man who tried to steal parking space

Shortly after Alec Baldwin reportedly punched a driver in an argument over a parking spot a few weeks ago, he told the police officer who reported to the scene that the driver was “an a-hole,” and also admitted that he pushed him because “he stole my spot,” per court papers made public Monday. 

The Voluntary Disclosure Form was released after Baldwin’s arraignment in Manhattan criminal court on a misdemeanor assault charge and a harassment violation. The complaint also shared Baldwin’s accuser’s side of the story. He told police that  he “observed the defendant push me and then strike me across the left side of my face with his closed right hand, resulting in pain to my face.”

Baldwin was silent at the appearance and did not respond to reporters’ questions. His lawyer, Alan Abramson told presiding Judge Sandra Roper: “Mr. Baldwin is a public figure whose reputation has been damaged by media reports that claim that he punched a man on a New York City Street. There is incontrovertible video evidence that has been turned over to the District Attorney’s Office that proves beyond all doubt that Mr. Baldwin never punched anyone.”



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