Kudos! A 6th grader leaves a note after her school bus hits parked car

A bus driver in Buffalo, New York has been fired after hitting a parked car and driving away. The driver was busted after a sixth grader who had just been dropped off witnessed the accident and left a note for the car's owner, Andrew Sipowicz.

After seeing the note, Sipowicz contacted the bus company, who said that they will cover the full cost of repairs for his car. 

He shared a photo of his damaged 2012 Ford Mustang and the handwritten note on Twitter, hoping to identify the anonymous student. 

"If your (sic) wondering what happen to your car. Bus: 449 hit your car," the note explained. It then described how the bus driver tried to squeeze past Sipowicz's car but was unable to, leaving a major dent and scrape on the front end of his Mustang. The sixth-grader showed off her artistic talents and drew a photo of the bus with students screaming in the window.

"The detail of having two kids in the back of the bus yelling still makes me laugh when I look at it now," Sipowicz told WDRB

A teacher at the school recognized the girl's handwriting and reached out to Sipowicz, who plans to thank her in person. The Vice Principal of the school, Kevin Garcia, said they will honor her with a citizenship award. Her identity has not been made known. 

"I'm extremely grateful for what she did," Sipowicz said. "It takes a lot of courage. It's not easy to do, especially being that young. It's easy to go home and go on with your day and act as nothing happened. But she thought she had to do the right thing and I'm really grateful she did." 

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