How many Christmas lights is too many? Ask this New Jersey town

 A whole lot of Christmas cheer has turned one New Jersey town into a battlefield. A massive 70,000-Christmas light display (in Old Bridge) home has left neighbors frustrated for years. Now, township officials say the homeowner must pay $2,000 a day if he wants to keep his Christmas light show going. Tom Apruzzi said his show puts smiles on attendees’ faces during what can be a difficult season of the year. But his neighbors said the crowds and cars parked on the road make it dangerous for everyone. Town officials told him he needs to pay $2,000 per night for police security at the light show. That fee would include the cost of paying officers overtime for the evening, moveable light posts to light the street, and fuel to power the movable light posts. Apruzzi called the fees “bureaucratic baloney.” He started a online fundraiser with a goal of $75,000 to pay the fees and says the show will go on starting December 1, whether or not he raises enough money.



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