Mariah Carey shamed for not putting her kids in seat belts

Mariah Carey is being mommy-shamed for not strapping her kids into seatbelts while in the car with them. The singer posted a video onto Instagram of her kids Moroccan and Monroe singing the back-up vocals for "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Fans went in on Mariah in her comments, telling her to strap her kids in a seatbelt. 

One fan wrote, “Jesus buckle up your kids!!!! I lost a cousin in an accident he wouldn’t even have a scratch if he was buckled up!! You should get s [SIC] visit from CPS! This hits a nerve and a traumatic memory for sure!” 

Another wrote, “How about put you’re [SIC] kids in seatbelts wtf how dare you . But when something happens you find something to back you up HOW ABOUT BUCKLE THEM UP NOW.”



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