PETA Calls for People to Stop Using 'Anti-Animal Language' --click here:

PETA Calls for People to Stop Using 'Anti-Animal Language'

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is again trying to get attention with one of its campaigns -- which are also trolls -- this time calling for people to stop using "anti-animal language." PETA tweeted out a list of phrases, like, "Kill two birds with one stone," along with suggested phrases to use instead to, quote, "remove speciesism from your daily conversations." In this case, they suggest using: "Feed two birds with one scone." The tweet, unsurprisingly, was roundly mocked online. The others were:

  • Instead of "Be the guinea pig," use "Be the test tube."
  • Instead of "Beat a dead horse," use "Feed a fed horse."
  • Instead of "Bring home the bacon," use "Bring home the bagels."
  • Instead of "Take the bull by the horns," use "Take the flower by the thorns.


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