Ding Dong. Who's there? A moose!

It wasn't an aftershock that woke up some Alaskans earlier this morning. Around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, Kyle Stultz woke up to his doorbell going off.

Security cameras catch all sorts of things here in Alaska, for Stultz and his partner Allie Johnstone, they had an unexpected visitor caught on camera.

"I had just got done with two finals last night," Johnstone said. "I was out to relax at the end of the night and ding dong.

She said the family is already on alert following Friday's magnitude 7.0 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks.

"We're all getting our way back to life right now, after we are still having these aftershocks. That point of night it was like, what now?" she said.

After checking on their dogs and looking out the door to find nothing, Stultz assumed some neighborhood kids were playing a prank.

"We were thinking kids coming through playing ding dong ditch or maybe a neighbor coming through. We had no idea," Stultz said.

So they checked their security system and were surprised to see a moose caboose.

"We had this nice moose behind waiting for us right here," Stultz said. "And he decided to back up right into it and that’s how he got our doorbell."

Even Allie's nephew Logan Trent was shocked by the video.

"How? Why? Why would a moose go into the garage?" Logan asked. "It must be a pretty big moose to get stuck."

The couple said they're just happy the security camera caught something positive this time.

“It makes you feel safe and that it could catch moments like that where it’s not just security," Johnstone said. "It’s also a bit of comic relief. It’s really nice."

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