A California man has filed a lawsuit against two US airlines after his pinky got stuck in his first-class seat armrest, forcing firefighters and a mechanic to intervene to free the finger. Stephen Keys claims in his suit against American Airlines and SkyWest Airlines that he suffered severe emotional distress and weeks of pain after the September 9 incident on board a flight from Reno, Nevada to Los Angeles. 

Stephen Keys filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on December 5. Ironically, he once played flight engineer Riggs alongside Snoop Dogg in the 2004 comedy Soul Plane - and the painful incident sounds like it could be straight out of the film.

The mishap took place after he raised his armrest to reach for his seatbelt and his pinky got stuck in a small hole under the armrest. The lawsuit says Keys repeatedly tried to free his pinky as fellow passengers looked on, “causing his dire situation to become a humiliating public spectacle.” Keys claims he suffered for nearly an hour as flight personnel and firefighters tried to dislodge the finger. An airline mechanic finally disassembled the armrest and freed the pinky.



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