Watch: Ex-NASA engineer builds glitter bomb for revenge on package thieves

A former engineer at NASA has developed an exploding glitter bomb to get revenge on thieves stealing packages from his front porch.

Rober posted a video on Monday detailing how he spent six month making the package after someone stole his mail in May. The video had been viewed more than 7 million times as of Tuesday morning.

Nearly one-third of Americans say they’ve had a package stolen from outside their house, according to a survey last year from Xfinity Home. 

The package was designed to look like an Apple HomePod speaker but actually contained four concealed smartphones that record the thief’s reaction from every angle.

The phones would upload the footage to a cloud so that Rober could recover the recording even if he never got the package back.

The box, however, has a built-in GPS locator and accelerometer that triggered the phones to start recording when the box was moved.

The package contained some extra surprises for the thief, including a motor to explode some of the "world's finest glitter" and an automatic spray-can of “fart spray.”

"No joke, you can clear a room with one spray of this,” Rober said.

Rober said he wanted to pay homage to his childhood inspiration and address the package to Harry and Marv, the burglars in the hit movie “Home Alone.”

The shipping label lists the Illinois address of the house used for filming. Kevin McCallister, the movie’s young prankster played by Macaulay Culkin, is the sender.

“So I put it out on my porch and now all that was left to do was wait,” Rober said in the video.

Rober was at work when he received a notification from the GPS system that the package had been picked up and was relocated to a parking garage nearby.


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