Watch! Why Mariah Carey Face-timed with a California fan.

Mariah Carey made a Sacramento-area family’s 2018 Christmas one they will never forget.

The singer, nicknamed “The Queen of Christmas” due to her hit holiday songs, called Jason Evart on FaceTime Sunday night to have a chat with him after his holiday display outside his suburban home caught her attention. The longtime fan projected her Christmas music videos on a screen for his entire neighborhood to enjoy, and Mariah was impressed.

“You guys are so festive, and I don’t believe it, so I had to call you and say Merry Christmas,” she told Evart and his mother from her vacation home in Aspen, Colorado, where she was outside playing in the snow during the video call. “Thank you for making me a part of your Christmas, and you being a part of mine.”

The call was only three minutes, but still very meaningful to Evart. “It really means a lot to me that she actually contacted me and said merry Christmas,” he said. “From the queen of Christmas herself!” 

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Meanwhile, someone has edited multiple episodes of Friends to make it seem as though Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe are singing Mariah’s Christmas smash, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

While some holiday episodes are used to source words like “Santa Claus” and “Christmas Day,” they even managed to find enough words to piece together the phrase, “I just want you for my own/more than you could ever know/make my wish come true.” They’ve even got the “Oooh, baby” in there. Video below.

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