This video of an owner abandoning a dog at Christmastime goes viral

The most heartbreaking video of 2018 was recorded on December 17. It shows a guy in the UK stopping his car at the side of the road, getting out with his dog, unclipping the dog’s leash, then leaving the dog behind. The dog can be seen racing over to the car, jumping up to the window, walking around the car, and even circling the vehicle as the car drives away. The dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier, was named Snoop by rescuers. Snoop is currently staying at private kennels and is doing really well and getting lots of staff attention. He’s not up for adoption yet, but offers are coming in from all over the world. Even rapper Snoop Dogg has offered to take in Snoop the dog!! Surveillance video provides the heartbreaking moment. Why someone would do this rather than turn the dog over to a rescue is beyond me. 



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