Woman bragged about poaching a deer to her date -- who was a game warden!!

When you're online you can never quite be sure who you're talking to. An Oklahoma woman, whose name has been withheld, unwittingly told Cannon Harrison, a McIntosh County warden using the dating app Bumble, that she had killed a "big buck." The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Game Wardens wrote about the incident on Facebook on Sunday (January 6th.) After Harrison asked the woman if she had "spotlighted" the deer (an illegal act in Oklahoma in which a bright light is shined in the animal's eyes, freezing them in place), she admitted she had. She then sent McIntosh a photo of herself posing with her kill, and he used the photo to find her on social media. Tulsa World reports the woman and a companion pleaded out to charges of improper possession of an illegally taken animal and taking game out-of-season, paying $2,400 in fines. 



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