United Airlines flight diverted to Canada leaving passengers stuck in cold

Passengers on a United Airlines flight that left Saturday (January 19th) from Newark, New Jersey bound for Hong Kong were left stuck in the aircraft on the ground for more than 14 hours in freezing temperatures after the plane diverted to Newfoundland, Canada, because of a medical emergency. After the passenger was taken off the plane for medical attention and the flight was set to leave, it experienced a mechanical problem. Passengers weren't allowed to leave the plane because the airport in Goose Bay didn't have a customs officer on duty overnight, and they had to remain onboard as temperatures outside fell to 20 below zero and food supplies ran low. Goose Bay officials brought donuts and coffee to the passengers in the morning, and they were finally able to get off the plane after more than 14 hours. Another plane with meals on board was flown to Goose Bay to bring the passengers back to Newark.



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