Ellie Goulding is on a mission to raise awareness for climate change.

The singer, a U.N. Environmental Global Goodwill Ambassador, paid a visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Thursday morning. She went to the Arctic Basecamp at Davos and delivered coffee and croissants to the team of climate scientists camped there in eight-degree temperatures.

“I wanted to come here to the Arctic Basecamp at Davos to show respect to the incredible scientific team who camp out in subzero conditions in order to communicate cutting-edge climate science on behalf of humanity,” Ellie said.

She added, “We know that what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic: the loss of sea ice affects us all, so it is crucially important they are here at Davos. In particular the melting of Arctic sea ice will make life very difficult for younger generations.” “I’m here to make sure that action is taken on their behalf and that we remain ambitious for their future,” she said.

Ellie described the visit as “unforgettable.” “I knew when I heard about this cluster of tents on the side of the mountain that I had to visit. Scientists here demonstrate the commitment to change that everyone finds inspiring. In them I see real leadership. The hope is that it translates to the world leaders gathered here and they make time to take the funicular up to Basecamp. If I see any [world leaders] I’ll certainly be pointing them in this direction.”

Ellie became a U.N. ambassador in 2017. She recently addressed world leaders at a conference to end the Illegal Trade in Wildlife in London and gave a speech on climate change ahead of the COP24 summit in Poland in December.

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