Bath & Body Works new candle smells just like a fresh baguette of bread

Freshly-baked bread smells pretty great, but would you buy a candle that gives off that scent? Bath & Body Works is currently selling such a candle called French Baguette, and customers have been raving about it on social media. The candle has been a best-seller since it was originally released in 2012 and is available in two sizes on the store's website--it's described as smelling like "slow rising dough, crispy crust & a fresh out of the oven [aroma.]" One Twitter user said of the scent, "I got a candle from Bath & Body called 'fresh baguette' & my house smells like a French bakery and I'm in love." But not everybody loves it, especially those trying to avoid bread, as another twitter user wrote, "Don't buy the French Baguette candle from @bathandbodyworks if you're not eating carbs. I learned the hard way."



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