Could a Margarita be healthier than you think"


A margarita might be slightly healthier for you then you'd think. Researchers belonging to the American Chemical Society (ACS) recently presented a study from 2014 that found tequila might aid with weight loss. Tequila is made using the agave plant, which contains sugars called agavins. Agavins do not raise your blood sugar like simple sugars do because they are not digestible. Researchers tested the agavins on mice, though not via tequila. The agavins were added in a purer form to water that the mice drank. The results showed mice who drank the agavins ended up with lower blood sugar levels, ate less, and showed a stronger insulin response. Also, when you consume tequila you are not just ingesting agavins, but also alcohol-- add it to a cocktail and you're ingesting sugar as well. Friedman says, "it’s simply unrealistic to expect that drinking any alcohol would promote weight loss."

Darn it.


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