Spilled beer on the road creates as much havoc as spilled money

You've seen videos and stories of people going bananas when an armored truck loses its contents of money spilled onto a street or highway. That's not much different than the reaction of 80,000 cans of beer that spilled onto the road from an overturned truck.

The driver was less than a mile from his warehouse destination when he lost control of the truck while turning a corner and the vehicle overturned. The crash caused the truck’s load of beer to spill into the road, leading to chaos as hundreds of people rushed to take the cans from the roadway

Several street food stalls, cars, and shop fronts were damaged also damaged, causing more chaos in the area. Locals rushed to the area to collect the beer - prompting police to warn that they could be arrested for theft. Four residents were later arrested for theft. Police said that the investigation would look at the causes of the crash and the subsequent thefts.Check out the scene after the spill.



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