Super Bowl 53: one of the least watched Bowls in a decade

Super Bowl 53 was one of the lowest scoring events, 13-3, with only one touchdown. ut it was also low scoring in terms of the event's TV ratings. Reports indicate it had a ten year low in viewership. This year's event appears to have drawn just under 95 million viewers; and yes that's alot of people but a huge drop from last year's 103 million. That breaks down to about 68% of all TV viewing Sunday night was to the Super Bowl.

And when it comes to New surprise.The game drew the lowest ever ratings in the city and of any TV market nationally.

It's also interesting to also note that the NFL deleted and re-uploaded the halftime performance on YouTube to erase the amount of dislikes the video got. It didn’t work. The video currently has over 500,000 dislikes and under 100,000 likes!! The low-scoring Super Bowl 53 was also low-scoring in terms of ratings. Early reports indicate that the big game hit a ten-year low in viewership. The number of viewers was just shy of 95 million, a drop from last year’s 103 million.



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