Adam Levine explains the "one love" light display during the halftime show

Adam Levine on Instagram wrote about creating the light display of "one love" that was seen behind him during the halftime show. He said:

“When we accepted the responsibility to perform at the SBHTS, I took out my pen and just wrote.”

The band received alot of criticism leading up to the performance mostly due to artists protesting the NFL's stance on Colin Kaepernick. Levine says he talked to "many people" before making the decision to accept the offer.

"I silenced all the noise and listened to myself, and made my decision based upon how I felt.”'

And while most comments on social media said the halftime was lackluster, Maroon 5 still got quite a boost in sales following the show.

According to Billboard: the band's catalog scored a 488% sales increase on Monday. The six songs they sang during the show had a sales boost of 587%!

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