How a stranger helped a dying man get his dream of seeing the Super Bowl

Steven Skinner, diagnosed with incurable brain cancer, was told last year he had only months to live. At the time his son Andrew set up a gofundme account to generate donations so his father's wish could come true: to attend the Super Bowl.

The fundraiser was successful, generating over $40,000, but it turns out Skinner did not need it. A total stranger made the dream come true.

Premier Transportation president Mike Medici invited the whole family to watch the Super Bowl from his suite at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

According to Inside Edition, Skinner's wife said "It’s hard to even put yesterday into words; they all seem so inadequate. With the help and generosity of Mike Medici, his family and others, memories that will last a lifetime were created."

What's to become of the $40,000? The Skinners plan to donate it to brain cancer research

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