Sia encourages Pizza Hut to feed the homeless during the cold snap

Sia is doing her part to help homeless people who are suffering from the extreme cold or rainy weather around America.

“If there are any motels or hotels in cold or rainy America who would accept a homeless guest tonight, I’ll pay, and give you a plug. Pls RT,” Sia tweeted over the weekend. Hyatt responded and Sia paid for rooms in hotels that they set aside.

Sia also got Pizza Hut to donate “a load of pizzas to [their] local homeless community every night this week.

Sia also encouraged her social media followers to help in any way they could. “Ok so for those looking for some way to feel awesome, provide a hot meal for a homeless person this week #feedtheheart,” she tweeted.

 “I’m in,” replied Scooter Braun , who manages music superstars Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber .

She also put out a call to find hotel rooms for the homeless in the cold and offered to pay for them!

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