Women Don't Understand Why Husbands Clean Unimportant Things First!

A Florida woman's tweet when viral when she wrote about how her husband cleans when they have guests coming over, saying that instead of cleaning obvious places like the kitchen, he'll do unimportant tasks, like scrubbing the attic walls. That led other women to weigh in with how their husbands do the same thing when people are coming over and their amazement about it. The women's examples included things like their husbands painting the walls in the basement, organizing the laundry room shelves, power washing the deck, and matching all the socks, with one woman even sharing that her husband tore apart their shed the day before their wedding. A couple of men weighed in with explanations, with one guy saying that when the husbands are asked to do something, another task that's been "pressing" for a long time resurfaces and takes priority for them. Another guy similarly said, "It's just deep insecurities coming out. The things we've REALLY been neglecting."

Is this your experience too?



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