A teacher's amazing gesture to help a bullied student

A kindergarten teacher cut her hair after one of her students was bullied for having a shorter haircut.

Shannon Grimm, who teaches at Meador Elementary School, in Willis, Texas decided over winter break to change her style.

“So, I did something today. I cut my hair today, I cut it all off,” she said in a Facebook live video.

“I don’t want my students to worry about the way they look, because they’re there to make friends and learn,” she said.

5 year old Priscilla Perez had been teased for a while after her mom cut her hair short and her classmates said she looked like a boy.

Grimm noticed that Perez had been depressed for a while. “When my students come to school upset because of the way they look, that destroys me." Before Grimm cut it her friends discouraged her, saying there were others ways of teaching students life lessons. But she saw it through.

“Sometimes as a teacher you have to live through what your students are going through.”

After the experience, Grimm told Today that Priscilla’s confidence went up. Grimm said she loves her students no matter what, and that’s she happy to be there for them.

“Giving them the confidence at school to get excited about going to school — knowing that they have a teacher that supports them and loves them — is something that I want to do.”

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