Inmates on work detail help rescue a baby locked in a hot SUV

A Florida inmate working on a highway cleanup crew was in the right place at the right time for a panicked mom. The mom was getting out of her Chevy Tahoe when her husband accidentally left the keys on the front seat and shut the door — locking their 1-year-old in the car in high temperatures. A group of inmates doing some work on a highway median saw the frightened mom and ran over to help. One of the inmates who had a history of breaking into cars knew what to do. Using a clothes hanger, he was able to get into the door and unlock it, allowing the mom to get her baby before any harm could be done. The baby was unharmed during the time locked in the car. The mom of the rescued 1-year-old said she plans to find out the names of the inmates who helped and will contribute to their commissary accounts.


Here is the raw video:



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