Fans are petitioning Billy Joel to release a new album

Billy Joel's last studio album was "River of Dreams," which released in 1993.

Now a group of fans are now petitioning him to write and record a 13th studio album.

In the period since the last album, aside from three new live sets, he composed the 2001 classical album Billy Joel: Fantasies & Delusions (Music For Solo Piano) and in 2007 recorded two "pop" songs, the big band-inspired "All My Life" -- which was produced by the late-Phil Ramone -- and the rocker "Christmas in Fallujah" featuring vocalist Cass Dillon.

Here is the petition (and a link if you want to read and comment):

Hello everyone. We are the Billy Joel fans and all of us are creating this petition in order to try to encourage the piano man legend to record a brand new studio album or two with brand new songs of original materials in the pop/rock genre at the recording studio at Columbia Records.

We have been wanting brand new studio albums from Billy Joel for a long time since 1993 and we can hardly wait for it anymore. Sadly, Billy Joel has not put out a new pop album since 1993's River Of Dreams and it would be great if he can starting writing and recording more new Billy Joel studio albums again. We want Billy Joel back as a recording artist again and it would be great if he can give us more new Billy Joel songs while he is still around.

So please take a chance to sign this petition if you want Billy Joel to record and release new studio albums again like he used to. Please share this petition to all Billy Joel fans out there. Thanks. Billy wherever you are, please record new studio albums again and put them out.

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