This farmer kept his calves warm by creating a "moo muff"


When temperatures dropped, a small southern Wisconsin farm got creative to keep their calves warm. The idea of “Moo Muffs” came after Holly Poad, owner of Triple P Farm (in Lone Rock) lost her barn in a fire and had to find a way to avoid frostbite on newborn calves. In addition to calf jackets, Poad and her aunt, who owns an embroidery business, got together to come up with the perfect design and material for calf earmuffs. “Moo Muffs” includes water-repellent material and fully adjustable straps. Last month during the polar vortex, Poad decided to sell some pairs of “Moo Muffs” on Facebook for $20 a pair; orders have come in from all around the upper Midwest, gaining national and international attention


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