Amazon worker fired, used the bathroom too often (he has Crohn's disease)

A former Amazon employee was fired from his call center job in Winchester, Kentucky after his supervisor told him he was committing “time theft” for going to the bathroom too frequently. Here’s the real kicker, though: Nicholas Stover deals with the painful digestive problem, Crohn’s disease, which causes him to go No. 2 more than the average person.

… Stover, who was fired on December 21, 2017, received an involuntary termination letter, which didn’t include a reason for his dismissal. However, the former Amazon employee says his former manager accused him of taking too much personal time thanks to his “excessive bathroom breaks.” That’s led Stover to take legal action, which is why he’s suing Amazon for $3 million.

… Because of the disease, Stover says he was forced to use the bathroom more often than other employees, causing him to get reprimanded on a consistent basis. Stover’s complaint says, “Episodes of symptoms of Crohn’s disease can occur without warning and can require urgent response, including the immediate need for bathroom facilities.” He believes the company violated the Americans with Disabilities Act with “unyielding and inhuman policies regarding bathroom access.” It mentions he disclosed the disease when he applied for the job and during training after he was hired in November 2016.



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