California Teen Challenges School Over MAGA Hat Ban


A Fresno, California, 18-year-old is challenging her high school's ban on being able to wear her "Make America Great Again" hat to school. Senior Maddie Mueller, who goes to Clovis North High School, told Yahoo Lifestyle that she admiresPresident Trump, saying, "He puts pride back in America -- when I first heard him say 'Make America Great Again,' it touched me because I had never thought about patriotism before."Mueller wanted to wear her red MAGA hat to school on February 20th along with her friends in a pro-Trump group. But when she asked the school about it, because she'd been talked to before when she'd worn T-shirts to school with slogans like "Build the Wall" and "Deplorable," she was told she couldn't. School district spokesperson Kelly Avants told Yahoo Lifestyle that wearing clothing with the MAGA slogan or other political commentary is okay, but the hats aren't. She explained: "Both the district’s dress code policy and the school’s handbook lays out allowable headgear to be hats or caps with the school logo or in solid school colors." But Mueller insists that the school is, quote, "demoralizing and degrading patriotism," and says she's seen students wearing hats with other logos, including for gay pride and baseball teams, and claims another student wore a MAGA hat to school every day last year and it wasn't a problem. Mueller said that during a recent meeting with her mother and the school, she offered to get a MAGA hat in black, which is one of the school colors, but said they wouldn't allow it and told her that her, quote, "political clothing had to be approved."


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