"Our Huskie Is Not Cold. He wants to be outside. Leave us Alone!"

It's great that people care about the welfare of a dog seen out in the cold all the time. But one couple says their dog likes the outside, likes the cold, and gets overheated when he's indoors so quit bugging us.

The couple say the dog, which they describe as a husky mix, prefers the outdoors, so they’ve put a sign on their snow-covered lawn that says, “The husky is not cold! Leave us alone.” Owner Courtney Porter says they leave Riley tethered to a tree on a line at various times during the day. She said the longest he is unsupervised outside is four hours in the morning, and the rest of the time he’s in and out as much as he wishes. He stays inside at night. Porter said the dog gets too hot inside, is high energy and will try to break out if left alone in the house. The Humane Society investigated. Under the provincial Animal Welfare Act, animals must be provided with adequate food, water and shelter. They asked the couple to provide a dog house for Riley, which they did. Now the case is closed. And for the record, the couple says that it appears the dog is outside all the time.

"Our dog isn't outside all day — it looks like he's outside for hours and hours on end, but it's because he's in and out lots, so it's not always how it appears," they said.


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