He'll spend his days at Holiday Inns rather than a nursing home. Here's why


Moving into a retirement home doesn't exactly sound appealing, and that's why an elderly gentleman from Texas plans to live out his "golden age" at Holiday Inn locations. Terry Robinson says he plans to live out his days in multiple locations in order to save money, get better service, and see the world. He wrote about his retirement plans on Facebook, noting the average nursing home costs $188 per day, while reservations at the hotel chain run about $59 per night with a long-term stay and senior discount. He added that factoring in free breakfast and happy hour would leave $128.77 a day for food and entertainment. Other perks: the amenities offered at the hotel chain, and securing a room at a retirement home can take months, while he can book a hotel room immediately if he so chooses. His post has been shared over 100,000 times at the time of this writing.



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