Walmart is doing away with store greeters and many will lose their jobs

Walmart is doing away with its traditional greeters, telling employees in those jobs at some 1,000 stores across the country last week that the positions would be eliminated and replaced with a more expanded "customer host" job. Those positions will be more physically demanding, requiring that workers be able to lift 25-pound packages, climb ladders and stand for long periods of time. That's been a blow to the disabled and elderly workers who fill many of the greeter jobs and won't be able to meet the physical requirements of the new positions, and Walmart is facing a customer backlash over it. For disabled and elderly employees, the jobs provide income and a source of pride, and also offer a connection to the community. There have already been at least three complaints made to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as well as a federal lawsuit alleging discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for workers with disabilities



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