John Mayer on his successful path to sobriety two years after quitting

John Mayer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show talked about his unique Oscars experience and his weekly Instagram Live show Current Mood, which he describes as “Mr. Rogers for hung over adults.” Mayer also opened up about his path to sobriety more than two years after he quit drinking.

“I just finished. I completed my course in drinking. Thankfully, for me – I’m very lucky – it didn’t go all that deep. I just went, ‘You know, I think I’m done.’ It’s like Forrest Gump running and he just stops running at some point. ‘I think I’m out.’ So I punched out.”

Mayer noted that he quit on his own after having “a good, long talk with” himself. Mayer also discussed about his new talk show,Current Mood, which has featured special guests ranging from David Spade and Bob Saget to Halsey and Maggie Rogers, since its inception in late 2018.

“It was kind of a half-joke at first. I set up these two cardboard boxes and I have a backdrop I made myself out of foam core board. It looks like a science fair presentation … and it's me in front of it. It started as a goof and then what it ended up being is like people really feeling the need to join up on Sunday night and use the buddy system because Sunday night is like this feeling like you’re at the end of the world and people need something to soothe them and it because something like Mr. Rogers for hung over adults.”

Later, he played a round of “Burning Questions” to raise money for his new foundation, The Heart and Armor Foundation for Veterans Health. During the game, Mayer was asked to reveal the three things he must do every single day, one of which surprised DeGeneres. “Oh man, I have to make coffee before the breakfast is done in the microwave. That's game number one,” Mayer told DeGeneres, adding that he also has to work out. “And I have to look at naked people.”

Mayer said his Heart and Armor Foundation plans to focus on veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and meeting the emerging needs of women veterans. Though he publicly announced the foundation on Friday, Mayer has been working on the organization since 2012 alongside veterans, scientists and clinicians.

Mayer also performed his new single “I Guess I Just Feel Like.” Mayer has a batch of international tour dates slated for this spring, along with a summer tour withDead & Co.and solo dates on his 2019 docket.



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