Representative Carl Gilliard's "Blind Bill" passes the Georgia House


State Representative Carl Gilliard of Garden City announced that the Georgia House of Representatives unanimously passed House Bill 79, or the “Blind Bill,” on Tuesday, March 5. This measure would prevent government agencies and local authorities from discriminating against parents and legal guardians who are blind.

“This bill is for the more than 202,000 blind Georgians who will now be treated equally under the law and have the right to parent their children,” said Rep. Gilliard. “Our blind citizens face unfair societal biases that deny children the opportunity to enjoy loving homes with the families where they belong. It is time to include these citizens under the same basic rights that protect other parents in Georgia.”

House Bill 79 seeks to protect the best interests of children that are parented by blind individuals. This bill would prevent courts, the Department of Human Services and any child-placing agency from denying child placement, custody, visitation, guardianship or adoption to an individual because the individual is blind. Further, the bill would mandate that the Department of Human Services circulate and implement these new rules throughout the state by the end of the year.

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