A blind singer wows the American Idol judges (& gets Lionel Richie crying)


American Idol had its second night of auditions last night, with judges Katy Perry,Lionel Richieand Luke Bryan handing out more golden tickets to Hollywood.

Among all the contestants one stood out from the rest:Alejandro Aranda. The 24-year-old dishwasher from Pomona, California, performed an original song, “Out Loud,” which had all three judges singing his praises. A triple threat: Alejandro wrote the song, sang it and accompanied himself on the guitar. Lionel Richie told Aranda that he was inspired by his talent. Luke Bryan said, “I just feel like I’m in the presence of greatness.” And Katy Perry called him an absolute genius.”

Other Golden Ticket recipients included Shayy: Just a year prior, the young singer was told she had a tumor in her brain making her optic nerve begin to swell. After 50 percent of the tumor was surgically removed, Shayy was legally blind and experienced bullying after she returned to school. Despite her hardships, the young singer found the positives in life and gave the judges a beautiful rendition of Andra Day’s“Rise Up,” bring judge Richie to tears. “You’ve completely wrecked me,” Richie said.


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