CVS pharmacy plans to change music played when your call is put on hold


Here is the online petition that got this story going viral:

As someone who must call multiple CVS locations, and therefore be put on hold, I would like to petition them to change their hold music. I'd think that a corporation that had a reported 2015 revenue of $153 billion dollars (yes, billion with a "b") would be able to afford the music licensing rights to tens of songs that they could use to entertain their customers. Instead, what they've had for years is what sounds as though Grandpa Oscar set his microcassette recorder directly inside precious Braden's piano during his 2nd grade piano recital. Whereas I'm sure the recital was both exhilarating and entertaining for those in attendance, I doubt even Momma Carol and Daddy Brad would like to listen to it in such poor quality and on an endless loop. I'd rather listen to a collection of Scandinavian thrash metal or nature sounds of whales mating. 

Please, CVS, change your hold music!


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