The internet is LIVID about this man's encounter with a pelican. Watch...


Hunter Hardesty is now Internet famous — and not in a good way. The Maryland man is seen in a video that seems to show him tangling with a federally protected pelican. Hardesty posted the video to his Facebook last week with the caption, “Yeah, they bite hard.” Hardesty posted his pelican video from Key West, Florida. The clip shows Hardesty, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, leaning over the edge of a pier with what seems to be a small fish in his hand. The pelican swims over to take a look, and that’s when Hardesty jumps into the water on top of the bird. Both Hardesty and the pelican go under water for a moment. When they come back up, Hardesty is holding the bird in two hands, and you can hear men laughing off-camera. A woman’s voice orders Hardesty to get out of the water right away, or else, she says, she’ll call security. At that moment, the pelican whips its head around and bites Hardesty, who gets startled and lets the bird go.

… A spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the agency is looking into whether Hardesty will face any charges.

After all the name calling and anger he posted this today:



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